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Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

+30 2733052600

Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

+30 2733052600


Traditional Hospitality

Where history and tradition join with the wild and remarkable beauty of the arid and rocky landscape, Mani sprawls. It is where the mountain and the sea merge, where the olive trees become one with the herbs and wildflowers. Awesome, unexplored and impressively charming Mani is expecting you to discover it.

Petritis guesthouse was created with respect to the architectural features of the area. Built exclusively of natural materials, stone and wood, and old tiles for the roof it harmonizes with the environment and the castle houses of the area.

The 19th-century manor with the traditional tower addition, provides 5 unique suites and 2 highly aesthetic spacious rooms, waiting to offer you luxurious nights, coziness, and calmness.

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Itilo, 230 62 ,
Peloponnese, Greece



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