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How to Cook the Traditional Mani’s Carbonara with Sygklino

Pasta prepared with traditional ingredients from Peloponnese. With sigklino (pork which is smoked and salted using age-old methods of preparation, much like bacon or prosciutto) myzithra cheese and a fried egg to the top of it, the complete deliciousness and simplicity of this dish are indescribable.Tradition is, after all, so tasty! Created with raw materials...

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Christmas in Mani: 3+1 reasons to meet Mani in the winter

They say that as a passer-by you see Mani in three days, as a walker in three months, and to touch her soul you need three lives. One for its sea, one for its mountains, and one for its people. Undoubtedly true. Mani is a place with various faces. “Rough”, “unconquered” and “unbowed” are some...

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Mani, Greece: A Destination of Unique Beauty and Rich History

By Philip Chrysopoulos, www.greekreporter.gr Sitting at the southernmost tip of continental Europe, the Mani peninsula in the Peloponnese has a unique, stark landscape but its rich history and traditions make it a stunning destination for those who want to explore the real Greece. Mani is an arid region and it has a rough edge to...

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