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Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

+30 2733052600

Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

+30 2733052600


Petritis Guesthouse location is ideal to provide easy access to the village center, but far enough away to ensure your peace, relaxation, and privacy. The services provided have been guided by the highest standards of comfort and the needs and desires of our guests for a relaxing stay.

One of the most historic villages of the Laconic Mani is Itilo. It is built amphitheatrically, at an altitude of 256 m and at a distance of 4 km from the sea, on the ruins of the ancient acropolis. According to Homer’s Iliad, during the Mycenaean years, it belonged to the Kingdom of Menelaus and participated in the Trojan War by offering ships. It was one of the 7 cities which Agamemnon offered as a gift to Achilles in exchange for his participation in the Trojan campaign.

Pausanias mentions that there was a sanctuary of Serapis in the city and a figure of Carnio Apollo in the market. He also refers to Itilo as being a colony of Lefktro in Viotia, which was inhabited by the first King Itilo or Vitilo, from whom it was named after. Another version states that it took its name from the mythical hero Itilos who came from the city of Argos and was the son of Amfianaktas.

In the period 1670-1675 prominent families of the region, descendants of the Byzantine princes Komnenos or Stefanopoulos and of the Medici or Giatriani emigrated to Genoa and Tuscany respectively. Members of both families settled in Corsica. In Itilo’s square, there is a relief plaque of the twinning of the village of Kargeze in Corsica and Itilo in 1990. The dominant building there is the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary with a magnificent view of the bay and of the green gorge of Mylolagado. This gorge separates Itilo from the village of Kelefa and its beautiful castle.

Wandering in the traditional village of Itilo with the stone houses and the cobbled streets you will pass through the picturesque square of the village with the traditional l cafes and the old elementary school. Descending from the old cobbled path of the village, one passes by the incomparably beautiful Byzantine Church of the Savior. From there one can reach the sea where Neo Itilo is located, being impressed by the stunning view at the area of “Phrygano” of both the bay of Itilo and the gorge of Mylolagado.

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Itilo, 230 62 ,
Peloponnese, Greece



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