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Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

+30 2733052600

Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

Itilo, 230 62 ,Peloponnese, Greece

+30 2733052600


They say that as a passer-by you see Mani in three days, as a walker in three months, and to touch her soul you need three lives. One for its sea, one for its mountains, and one for its people. Undoubtedly true. Mani is a place with various faces. “Rough”, “unconquered” and “unbowed” are some of the adjectives attributed to the wild beauty of the rocky peninsula of Taygetos.

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Tough yet full of courtesy, impressive and imposing, yet hospitable, if you want to get to know it, it will reward you with the authentic experience that every traveler is looking for. The history of the place is also great and from the very first moment, you can feel the energy it radiates, with its many corners pointing to the Middle Ages, becoming even more intense, moving towards Mesa Mani.


Stone-built villages with impressive towers, Vathia, Ano Verga, Limeni, Skoutari, Gerolimenas, Koita, Dyros, Lagia, Itilo, and other picturesque small towns such as the historic Kardamili, Areopolis, and Gytheion, change face in the winter and invite us to meet the other face of Mani, perhaps more beautiful than the summer one, that most people know.


Christmas in Mani is different. The wild beauty of the landscape and the breeze of the sea make up a dreamy setting for the most beautiful escapes in the heart of winter, from those that have long been engraved in our memory and in our hearts.

We give you 4 good reasons to visit Mani, letting you discover all the others.

Why to celebrate Christmas in Mani

  1. The natural landscape will act as a catalyst in your psychology. The enchanting bay of Itilo reflects in its waters the winter sun and the Myllagados Gorge, which is ideal for hiking trails.
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The beauty of Mani is not over only above the ground. The famous caves of Diros, famous for being the most beautiful lake cave in the world definitely deserve a visit.

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2. You will be introduced to the philosophy of slow living. You will feel an unprecedented calm and be filled with energy and a positive mood, leaving behind everything that connects you to your daily routine. You will be able to read the book that you are trying for so long, in front of the fireplace, with a cup of hot, healthy herbal tea from Taygetos.

3. Mani is a place that is famous for its traditional, simple materials, yet tasteful and high-quality cuisine, ideal for gastronomy enthusiasts. You will enjoy the traditional carbonara, one of the region’s favorite dishes, as well as the “tiganides”, according to the tradition, the women of the region prepare on Christmas Eve.

4. For lovers of driving and nature, the coastline of the wider area of ​​Mani offers the ideal backdrop for a winter road trip with small stops in picturesque villages.

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Itilo, 230 62 ,
Peloponnese, Greece



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